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Silent Cities

More to Death asked Jeane Trend-Hill - photographer, author, artist, actress and bone fide 'Lady' - to explain how she became so interested ...

Forever Orange

Of course being me we weren't going to have a formulaic funeral at the local crematorium when my mother in law passed away.

Death Cafes

Have you ever considered going along to a Death Cafe? It is a wonderful way of meeting people who are experiencing the grieving process ...

The Church & this Sacred Earth

More to Death asked Peter 'BBC's around the world in 80 faiths' Owen Jones for his thoughts on natural burial developments and Christianity.

Beyond Goodbye

How a family kept their son's memory alive on the internet.

Intrepid Explorer

Charles Cowling of the Good Funeral Guide talks to us about his work in the funeral industry

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Death and Cakes

Have you ever considered going along to a Death Cafe?

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