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A Graceful Death

Antonia Rolls tells us about her 'Graceful Death' exhibition

Living, Dying and Funerals

As a Funeral Celebrant, I carry with me a constant and very deep sense of privilege when I am invited to view, through an opened window, som...

Crematoria Obscura

Ken West - regular columnist for ‘More to Death’ and a man renowned for saying it like it is,  reveals a darker side of the cremation indust...

My Dead Good Job

Steve Barnes tells us how rewarding his work at Tithe Green Burial Ground is

Where there is a Will....

In my role as manager of the Association of Natural Burial Grounds, I witness the journeys taken by inspired individuals when trying to open...

Saying Goodbye to Oscar

I was lucky that my husband in his grief was able to focus on saying goodbye to Oscar
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