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Essex's Coastal Beauty

I thought our readers might like to find out why someone gets involved with running a natural burial ground, so I asked Samantha Lonergan at...

Tissue Donation After Death

After reading a couple of thought- provoking editions of this magazine and as someone who has recently started a career in this area, I thou...

Is There a Book In You?

ArticleJames Baker tells us how he came to write “A Life In Death – Memoirs Of A Cotswold Funeral Director”.It wasn’t originally my idea...

Post Mortems Need Not Use The Knife

The advancement in new technology is changing the way post-mortem examination can be done.EditorSince I started out in 'funeral worl...

A Cremation for less than £1000?

An all inclusive undertaker arranged cremation between £900 and £1200Is that possible?The annual Royal London Report is now ...

Bespoke Pottery for Bereavement

Following on from our article in the last edition concerning the benefits of making things at a time of bereavement. We were sent the follow...

Circle of Life Festival

Jean Francis, One Spirit Interfaith minister, pre-need funeral planner, author and winner of the ‘Most Significant Contribution to the Under...

Ideal Death Show

The annual Ideal Death Show and Good Funeral Awards weekend has come of age. It has found its niche, its feet and its raison d’etre. It know...

How Did You End Up Doing This?

Over 16 years of being involved with death, I continue to meet new people who have, through various ways, come to be working in some death r...

Garden Burial

What  a hot topic Garden Burial has become since the MP for South Shields recently declared in the Commons that funeral poverty was forcing ...

Alternative Gravestones & Memorials

Choosing natural burial can be the most wonderful option;  the beauty of the landscape becomes the memorial and there is a reassuring feelin...
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