The Association of Natural Burial Ground’s most flamboyant and go-getting site operator Gordon Tulley goes from strength to strength.

5A Serial Entrepreneur and a Nightmare Polymath (beware of giving Gordon an idea!) In the 1990s Gordon was offered a Cardboard Coffin company by a Swiss firm, at that time knowing little about the funeral industry he turned it down.

However, that presentation stuck in his mind and in 2006 he was introduced to the idea of Green Burial by the CLA.

Gordon and his partner Alison applied for planning permission on the first of two lots of land totalling 50 acres, some of which he had owned since 1995. Planning was approved in 2009 /10 and they launched Respect Natural Woodland Green Burial Parks one year later.

One of Gordon’s parks is on the border of South Yorkshire and North Nottinghamshire, the other is in Lincolnshire on the border to North Lincolnshire.

Gordon soon realised that there was a real gap in the market for an affordable coffin-less burial product. They developed this in the form of a natural shroud with the help of the members of the ANGB and advice from the NDC. He thoroughly investigated the issues of carrying and especially lowering the shroud, developing a pouch into which a Board is inserted.

Respect also needed to consider that the mourners might not appreciate seeing through the shroud so a densely woven bamboo cloth was chosen. It is designed to gently swathe the body and allows for certain religions and cultures to easily view the face should that be requested.

Gordon launched his degradable shroud at the National Funeral Exhibition and sold out of stock.

Respect have also carried out professionally observed cremation tests in the UK and were subsequently invited by the ICCM crematorium body to present their findings to 200 professional operators late last year which has resulted in several crematoriums actually recommending Respect’s Shrouds as fully tested and safe to use in crematoriums.

So now Respect can carry out both Green & Pink funerals with the Respect Everybody Coffin-less-shroud.

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