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Human Soup - A Recipe for Grief

Functional family, dysfunctional, I love you on deathbed, anger, guilt, the fool tarot card, grounding the energy, magician, there are many ...

A Funeral at Fairspear

In the late nineties, my husband and I purchased a seven and a half acre field opposite our house. In the millennium year we planted trees, ...

Lady Barbaras Party

Many of you will have seen Virginia and her family both on the One Show and on Channel Four news.  When featured by them she was preparing f...

The Issue of Pet Burials

We own and operate two natural cemeteries in the UK that are, unusually, licensed to accept both pet and human burials. We opened our par...

Death on the Road

Paul Sinclair tells us a bit about his motorcycle funerals. Before I started this business, the best a biker, motorcyclist or sidecar ent...

The Ethics of Direct Cremation

It can now be said with some certainty that Direct Cremation has become an accepted option when choosing the way to depart from this mortal ...

Tribute Fund Schemes

Understanding the growth of Tribute Fund schemes supporting charities in memory of loved ones Jonathan Davies, Founder of the Tribute cha...

What is a Funeral Director?

What is a Funeral Director? UK 2016 To rethink our approach to death, and to challenge the myths that surround it, it is vital to question ...

Good Funeral Awards 2016

What a swanky event it was this year, packed to the rafters, including a few suited folk from the conventional side of things; good to see...

Anywhere and Everywhere

I'm sure many people sit comfortably with the Victorian oil painting depiction of death. Peacefully surrounded by nearest and dearest, alert...

Affordable Burial for Londoners...

I am going to use London as a case study here. However, the same principle applies for all cities as far as I am aware. A recent Royal Lo...

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Ball of String

James - Moving On. I never thought that I would be reduced to tears by a ball of string, incredible music video.


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The Gift of Death

The word gift came to mind in a BBC news report from Wiltshire in 2012 regarding a hospital memorial erected to honour organ donors. This was inscribed “The Gift of Life”. No sooner had the words reached my ears than I had created a correlation; a memorial inscribed “The Gift of Death”. More to the point, it would read “The Gift of Decomposition” but tha[...]

Natural Burial Sites

Whether you want to call it natural, woodland or green, eco burial grounds continue to grow in number..

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Rosie Inman-Cook and the team at The Natural Death Centre are committed to helping the general public understand the choices they have when planning the funeral of a loved one. Whether you want a woodland or meadow burial, the team at the Natural Death Centre are able to offer well informed and sincere advice. 

More to Death is the leading authority in Natural Burials.

Jam packed with articles about the natural burial movement in the UK; wicker coffins; cardboard coffins; direct cremations; people’s life experiences of garden funerals and caring for a loved one at home – More to Death was created to help people make informed decisions when planning a funeral.

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